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The story of Rising Life is a long and winding road. Just for starters the two sole members were born on opposites sides of the planet. Both with lives so far apart in every way, only God could have brought them together. Let’s start there…

Heath Glisson was born in far western Kentucky, in the tiny town of Gage. He lived a quiet country life, was raised in church, and found a passion for music. Heath spent countless hours listening to his dad’s box of 45 records. One particular 45 set him on a collision course with the guitar and a love for song writing, it was The Beatles ‘Revolution.’

Kristy Glisson was born on the other side of the planet in Seoul, Korea. Where she lived until she was 5. From there her family moved to Indianapolis, IN. She fell in love with horses early on, and decided to attend Murray State University in western Kentucky due to their amazing equine horse programs. She competed as an intercollegiate Equestrian Athlete with much success.

It was in the town of Murray, at a down home ‘fish fry’ the two connected and their lives would never be the same.

They were married, and as many people do, Heath became side-tracked from his love for music by starting a career and family. Their first son Noah, was born in 2007. It was just a couple of years later though, Heath came back to music and started doing acoustic shows locally and started gaining some traction.

However, as his son reached three, he started to feel a pull on his heart. At that time, he wasn’t sure what it was. He just knew that playing in bars wasn’t the right path or the right place to be. Over time, that pull became stronger and stronger.

In 2011, he had started playing some guitar and singing in a church worship group. However he still was playing in the bars on Friday and Saturday night.

In September of 2011, through a series of events, he ended up at a Jason Crabb concert. You can read a detailed blog of that experience by clicking here:


The Lord had taken hold of Heath’s heart and called him into ministry.

Heath was excited, overwhelmed, and at peace all at the same time. Excited because he had found the purpose for his life. Overwhelmed because he wasn’t sure how or what this was going to look like. At peace, because he knew God had it under control.

Shortly after that Heath wrote his first song in ministry. Then another came, and another. During the Christmas of 2011 he started to form what would become Rising Life as a vehicle for his songs. In January of 2012 the original line-up was set. Heath recorded an album in his bedroom and their debut concert was in April of 2012.

From there it took off like a rocket, playing Atlantafest for 30,000 people. Opening for artists such as Jeremy Camp, and to top if off, exactly one year later, he opened for Jason Crabb at the same place he gave himself up to ministry.

Even with some success, things quickly started to fall apart. There was a shakeup and several members left the group.

The main issue was, Rising Life had lost their keyboard player. A position that was very important to their sound. In Late 2012, Kristy joined Rising Life as their keyboard player after not touching piano for 20 years.

Rising Life Band
Rising Life Band
Rising Life Band

Shortly after that, they released their breakthrough album, ‘Heart in Flames.’ This contained the songs, ‘I Will Bow,’ ‘Into His Light,’ and ‘Heart in Flames.’ These three songs gained traction among fans due to the power of the music and message.

However, things started to come to a grinding halt between 2014 and 2016. Heath continued writing for a third album. In that time, there were several line-up changes and hardships. Then a trip to Chattanooga, TN changed everything.


After a failed attempt at a radio single with a producer and pro studio, Heath finally decided to double down and do it all himself. He built a pro level studio which became known as Coffee Street Studios. Around this time their daughter Alexandra was born. Also, they bought a house 15 miles away in Paducah. So the studio was relocated to their new home.

During this time Heath had also became a highly sought after producer and actually produced the top 40 Blues CD ‘Rain’ and ‘Palestine Blues’ by blues legend Lew Jetton.

Finally, after much turmoil and drama and 1000’s of hours of hard work, they released their new album, ‘The Lion’ globally on Dec 1, 2016. There wasn’t much fanfare until February of 2017, and nothing has been the same since.

In February 2017, Heath connected with Duane Lawder at soberforliferadio.com. Duane invited Heath on to his show and did a 3 hour interview and played the entire album. From there it was a rocket ship.

Shortly after, Rising Life released “My Sunny Day’ as a single to Christian radio. It was released on May 31st, 2017. Exactly one week later, it charted at #2 on the Christian Radio charts!

As Heath and Kristy move into the future, they are very excited about the possibilities. They just wrapped shooting a video for “Come Alive” and “Let it Go.” They are also working on the their fourth, yet as of now still untitles record.