The Birth, Death, and Re-birth of a Dream

Raven Nichole of Rising Life

What if I told you that your dreams can die, and then come back to life in the same lifetime? Also, what if I told you that your dreams will never happen in the exact way or timeframe you have set. Music can be one of the most exciting passions to have and the most soul crushing at the sametime. Hello, my name is Raven Nichole and this is how my story begins.

Two years ago, while in a musical slump, I was asked to sing back up with a good friend for an approaching event supporting up and coming local Christian bands. Always a fan of great music unquestionably I jumped at the chance to be a part of the event. Not mention, singing harmony has always been a secret passion of mine. So, no question, I was there.

The night of the event went well. Our performance went as smoothly as expected, all harmonies on point ha-ha. There had been a buzz all day about the headlining act, Rising Life. I had never heard of them up until that point, but apparently they had been making waves. There were alot of Rising Life fans there and alot of folks were exctied to see them. Rising Life took the stage, and by the middle of their first song, I knew they were a band I wouldn’t soon forget. They were super tight! They sounded amazing and I loved their lyrics and message. But, though the music was wonderful…I couldn’t help but think, “they really need a female harmony in there, then they would be on another level.” All that filled my mind was, “I could totally sing back up for these guys!” Of course, I didn’t tell them that, but I did befriend Kristy and kept in touch after the event.

Months pass and I receive a random message out of the blue from Heath about possibly needing a female vocalist for some projects and he had heard that I could possibly sing. I was stunned, since the night before I had fallen on my face and begged the Lord to use me in any way possible! To me the message from Heath was the Lord giving me the opportunity for service.

Our first encounter lead to me eventually performing with Rising Life at a local event called BBQ on the River, singing none other than back up….harmony! I was over the moon no doubt!  I thought back to the very moment I watched them perform for the first time. I couldn’t help but think, “this is exactly where I belong!”

After this event, time passes. Lots of time. Almost a year. In this time, my heart had finally sunk to the realization that maybe my dreams are crazy, maybe just maybe, it didn’t sound as amazing as I had thought. Was Outside of my head, in reality, I knew I was so wrong. It was where I was supposed to be, wasn’t it?

Just when I thought all was lost I received a message from Rising Life that if I was willing, they could really use me for their upcoming event at BBQ on the River again. I absolutely could NOT say no! The fire I thought had gone out in me had reignited in the mere seconds it took to read the invitation! It took some hard work to get ready for the event for it was fast approaching, but boy was I willing.

The show went fabulous! That same feeling came over me, “this is where you are meant to be”. I just couldn’t get it out of my head? Lord, is that you? To my surprise, Heath and Kristy asked if I would like to travel to their next show and perform with them again? Without a moment’s hesitation I accepted. Wow! Are you kidding me? To add to my excitement, after another successful show, they then asked me if I would like to become a permanent member of Rising Life? Really!? YES! There is nowhere else I would rather be.

So here I am. This dream began as a thought. Then was lit up into a flame, in time dwindled down to a measly little spark. To a point where I thought my dream was over. Then just like that, this spark ignited into a raging fire! Had I completely given up there would be no light to rekindle.  Never let your light go out. The Lord has a plan for each and every one of us. Being patient and waiting on His timing is the key. While He is preparing your path for you, be preparing yourself…. your heart, your mind, and your spirit. When He calls on you, are you going to be ready?