"My Sunny Day" Debuts at #2 on the CRC!

BLOG DATE: 06-07-2017

My Sunny Day Debuts at Number 2! 

We cannot believe it. We released our first single, "My Sunny Day," to little to no fanfare. Exactly one week later, the news came down, the song debuted at #2 on the global Christian Radio charts! Yes you read that right!! Even in the storms, we have to praise God. He is good. 

We have been closely tracking this more stations are adding the track into rotation everyday. From the United States, to Scotland, and even stations in Ireland! 

More than that though, we want to take a moment to to thank all of you. Without you select few, the real 'Lifer's' who never turned away from us, always supported us, and waited on baited breath for 'The Lion" to be released. You all have no what this has meant to us. 

As always I want to shout out to Duane Lawder at soberforliferadio.com who single-handedly jump started Rising Life. Through a fateful meeting on Twitter, of all places, to a 3 hour long Rising Life feature on his radio show. So thank you and we love you brother! 


We have received a lot of question about when the song will be on K-Love. That is a very good question. The answer is, it may never appear on K-Love. When we release it to the Billboard Charts system, they will have the song, but breaking through to K-Love can be tough to get on. If it is God's will, the song, and future songs, will go as far as He wills it. We will just keep following Him. 

With that said, we promise when we know it has been put in their system, we will tell everyone and we can go on a crazy campaign requesting it! 

One last time, we love you all, God bless, and there is even bigger news coming, that I really can't contain, but have too! 

God bless 

Heath and Kristy 


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