Rising Life's story is as epic as their music. When you learn that both members, husband and wife duo Heath and Kristy Glisson, were born on opposite sides of the earth, you will see how God can move mountains to bring people together to do His will. 

Heath was born in the tiny western Kentucky town of Gage. He grew up with 3 television stations and in the country. Only relying on a box of 45 records for his musical input. It was inside those records, that Rising Life was first born. A Beatles record, entitled, 'Revolution,' changed the trajectory of  Heath's life forever. 

Kristy was born in Seoul, Korea. Her father was a civilian auditor for the military and her mother a native South Korean. At the tender age of 6 they moved stateside to Indianapolis. Here she fell in love with horses, which would send her on a collision course with Heath. 

Kristy had decided to attend Murray State University due to their horse program. Heath was working in Murray. A mutual friend had a 'fish fry,' and this is where the two met. They were married a short year later and started a family. 

Heath had lived a lifetime of music, but had not given his life to the Lord's ministry yet. In 2011 at a Jason Crabb concert, a fellow western Kentucky native, Heath's life was forever moved and Rising Life was formed. 

He quickly set out writing music for what would be their first album. (This album is out-of-print and sought after by fans.) He formed a band, and the first 12 months were like a rocket ship that lead them to standing in front of 30,000 people opening for Jeremy Camp at AtlantaFest and even opening for Jason Crabb almost a year to the day later where it all started. With so much success happening so quickly, tensions in the band became strained and it fell apart. 

Through a series of God lead events, which you can read about in our blog, Kristy joined the band on keyboards and it was never the same. They released their second album, 'Heart in Flames' to fan acclaim. Finally in 2016, they released the album that would break them through to the mainstream.

'The Lion' dropped to little fanfare in December of 2016. Fans picked it up, but it didn't move the needle much. Finally in February, a St Louis radio station, discovered the band through Twitter and quickly fell in love with their message and music. 

The station had the band on for a 3 hour special as they played the entire album and interviewed them. From there it took off like a rocket. A management deal was signed, a music video was shot, and a single released to radio. 

'My Sunny Day' was sent to indie Christian radio world wide, and against all odds, debuted at #2 on the Christian Radio Charts. 

They have opened for Zach Williams this spring and are working on their new album "Born Again" for release in Summer of 2018. 

Heath and Kristy Glisson of Rising Life

Heath and Kristy Glisson of Rising Life